Ameren Illinois lighting Rebate Tips

We have all seen or heard about Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program lighting cash incentives. This successful program was implemented several years ago to encourage business and residential customers to become involved in implementing efficient changes in their energy habits. These changes are especially significant for gas station and convenience stores, warehouses, retail establishments, and many other brick and mortar businesses.

How the Rebate Program Works

The lighting rebate program is rather simple once you understand the program. We encourage our customers to contact Lights by Green Horizon or Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program for free and helpful assistance.

First, you must go to the Standard Lighting Page and supply the necessary information about your business. This isn’t difficult. Just have your name, address, phone, federal id, and Ameren account number, along with email contact. Next, scroll down to the proper page that best describes your project, this may be one of several lighting items. These sections will be named such as highbay fixture replacement, led interior lights, led cooler lights, changing from T12 fixtures to new led retrofits, or exterior lighting. Don’t forget that rebate money is still available for switching to T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes as well.

Next fill in quantities of old fixtures with current wattage and then fill in quantities and wattage of the replacement. The program will automatically calculate the number of watts saved and dollar rebate amount.

At this point you must sign a W9 form. All other signatures are electronically approved. Check appropriate boxes when requested if not, your forms will be returned. Most importantly is to enter the correct model number of new lighting fixture as well as Design Lights Consortium code number to verify the product. We will be posting content on DLC codes and how to find them in the near future.

Other Useful Rebate Tips

Lights by Green Horizon encourages customers to take before and after photos just in case Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program asks for them. You don’t want to lower your rebate money by not doing this simple task!

Your total cost of project (including labor) is asked for and then customers Total Standard Lighting incentive is shown. Submit electronically or by fax or mail. Allow 4- 6 weeks for your cash incentive rebate check to arrive and that’s it! We hope this article was helpful and makes filling forms out a lot easier. More articles will come about Missouri Rebate Program along with different products and how they can brighten up your business.

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